Why Choose Mullvad VPN

With 100+ servers in 22 countries across the world, Mullvad sets itself apart from the competition. They don’t just say they respect your privacy – they actually do something about it. It’s one of the few really private VPN providers that allow you to stay as anonymous as you can get when using a VPN. If privacy is your thing, check it out.

mullvad vpn
You get three hours of a free, unrestricted trial, and you don’t need to register. In fact, you don’t need to register with Mullvad at all. Instead, once you fill out a captcha, Mullvad assigns you a unique 12-digit code you then use as your account identifier.

The free trial gives you the access to all features so you can test the app performance, speeds, run leak tests and get an overall idea of how well it suits your needs.

After that, there’s only one plan – Mullvad charges 5 euro per month in any currency based on the current exchange rates. That’s $5.89, at the moment.

They accept wire transfers, PayPal, credit card, Swish, Bankgiro, and even cash. Place your money and your account number in an envelope and mail it to Sweden. You never need to identify yourself other than by the account number.